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Waipio to Waimanu Backpacking Trip
Waimanu Trip 5-3-08 to 5-5-08

5-3-08: Kai, Scout, Lightfoot, CoffeeMate, and the Professor's Waipio to Waimanu adventure

5-3-08 AM: We began our backpacking trip by fording the Waipio River at the beach park then ascending approximately 1200 feet in less than a mile, on switch backs that were less then groomed. The Muliwai Trail passes through 12 gulches, of moderate difficulty, before descending down into Waimanu Valley. The descent into Waimanu Valley was as difficult as the ascent from Waipio. The trail was steep and washed out in spots. It was also littered with Kukui nuts and Hala leaves.

Lacing up our boots after fording the Waipio River at the beach

2nd gulch with an enticing pool after an exhausting 1200 ft climb out of Waipio Valley

Lightfoot searching potential watering holes

Peekaboo view of a waterfall from the Muliwai Trail into Waimanu Valley

Another Peekaboo view of a waterfalls from the Muliwai Trail into Waimanu Valley

5-4-08 AM: Waimanu Valley Campground!

Four star accommodations

Exploring one of the inner valley waterfalls

Professor, CoffeeMate, Scout, and Kai bumming a ride back to civilization

Professor, CoffeeMate, Lightfoot and Kai are happy campers

5-5-08 AM: Back to Waipio Valley!

Lightfoot fording the Waimanu River, belly button deep

Last peekaboo view of Waimanu Valley